Being as in love with you as I am.. not.

Everybody desires such companionship, shared attraction, unspoken devotion – it’s built within us. No matter how much I currently need to be by myself because of the circumstances of me not being “out” and still living at home, I yearn like any other. This may only come in waves, in sonic waves, as often as a full moon, but it comes.

I wrote some lyrics. I don’t usually. I had a rhythm that followed my footsteps as I walked my dog, though that seems to have lost itself along the way. Must have left it dancing in the rain.


Come on, write me a song and sing me in to the night.
What’s the matter?
Am I not worth it?
I’ll give you more than you can want
if you can unearth it.

I’ll play out your fantasies
be whatever you want from me,
if you unearth, go ahead and work it.

It seems all I keep doing is
give it away
and all the while I daydream that you want to play
with me.

And write a song for me
just pen your thoughts to me
write a song for me
we’ll sketch it in history.

This ain’t no film noir silent movie
baby come and talk to me
just write a song for me
pen it down for me.

Am I not worth it?
I’ll make it worth it,
so baby work it
And we can dance the night away.


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