James Blake – Retrograde

This song is just wow. It’s that initial reaction to a song, before it gets overplayed and becomes equivalent to a photo of the winter of 2013, embedded like a stark memory. Before I sit and blub in awe at the technicality within his vocal performance, the track is made all the more powerful by expertly punctuated booms and impending horror-film like keys. It’s got the makings of following in the footsteps of Adele in crossing over to America via a second album. Maybe it’ll remain understated, maybe retain a humble presence in the electronic/pop crossover, as his previous work has done but I think it deserves a bit more. His vocal has truly turned me the fuck on, the lyrics reach in to the depths of my soul, the music is stirring me, it resonates at whatever the fuck frequency my energy pulsates at. How can music evoke such emotion? How can it pull out each individual selfish want out of me, on a string, like a talking doll?


“i’ll wait so show me why you’re strong ignore everybody else, we’re alone now
i’ll wait so who me why you’re strong ignore everybody else, we’re alone now”

James Blake – Retrograde

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  1. James blake has an exceptional voice, His music definitely resonates.

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