Strung by parties

This year is shaping up to be yet another that is being joined together by memories and photos of social activity, namely parties thus far, completely against the pact that I made with myself of not partying too much and concentrating on my mental and physical health a bit more. It feels okay though. Consuming class A’s and partying in to the early morning, sometimes early afternoon, sometimes for the whole of the following day, married with a lack of real routine or job and a lack of concentration on the mind & body really was eating away at my very core. The essence of me was being destroyed.


…less (note not all) class A’s are being consumed, less alcohol too, sleep at a reasonable hour and I get to see my friends, who let’s face it are the epicentre of my life at the moment. Without them I’d really leave a sad and lonely existence, apart from my family of course, who are a constant and I’m grateful for.

Also, my mind is more sharp. My diet is regulated and filled with goodness, for 6 weeks I’ve monitored what I’ve eaten – so much fibre, fruits, vegetables, a healthy home cooked meal, plenty of nuts & youghurts & oily fish etc etc, and a shit load of water every single day. I notice the results in my mind and my body. I also work out daily. I feel good when going to see my friends now, instead of couping myself up, alone with my terrible and wandering mind, thinking about how they all hate me. When really I hated myself.

Already this year there’s been a leaving do for a friend moving to Canada, my birthday, my sister’s birthday, an event yesterday at my sister’s work place, which was brilliant by the way, then this forthcoming weekend is a friend’s bday, the following weekend is a friend’s birthday too.

Without being ungrateful, when does it actually stop? And do I really want it too?

On other plus notes, I’ve started a TEFL course which should push my ambition to travel and my online business is doing reasonably okay. I have to take note of things progressing in a positive way. I also attend a free course on positive thinking, which has opened my mind somewhat. I’ll be going again on Tuesday, with a couple of my guru-like mates, so we’ll see what happens there.

I guess this post is about appreciation for the positivity that is being bred within and it all started with a change in diet.


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