Course of positivity #1

So, last Tuesday I began attending a ‘positive thinking’ course. It runs once a week for four weeks. Yesterday was the second of such a “lesson” or open discussion, as I’ve come to find it. Before I progress, the word “positivity” is always underlined in red by the spelling auto-checker, this baffles me.

Anyway, I’m going to record the gist of what I remember are the key points in what I’ve learnt;

— The tutor, Elaine, a serene black woman with a great sense of humour and general nice aura about her, told us that positive thinking is all about the self. Concentrate on the self, give the self time and think. Basically, be a bit selfish sometimes.

— Be mindful. Let go of the past. Try to remain in the now.

— Do not over think wasteful thoughts. Same with negative. “I should’ve… why didn’t I… if only I’d have.. ” << examples of wasteful negativity.

— At the start of every day and the end of every day, give time to reflect on the previous day, on things you've said, things you're proud of, the ways in which you could have hurt somebody. To awaken and jump straight to breakfast and run for work "is not how it's meant to be but how it's come to be" she explains. "We are human beings, we need time away from the cycle," she urges.

— We, being humans, ourselves, are love.

— Your intuition is right. There's a voice inside you, you just need to have the ability to listen.

— For every action or feeling or interaction there are qualities we use that effect, affect or help or whatever. For example, making a cup of tea for somebody else is borne out of love. We take time to flick the kettle, to observe the amount of sugar, to then give the finished cup to somebody, it's borne from love. As she stated, and to which the other people and I laughed: "You never make a cup of tea and then throw it at the person."

— We have no right in passing comments or judgment. Whoever it is we're passing commentary about, or giving advice to, has the ability to be responsible for their own actions. We have to be TOLERANT, which means respecting the individual enough to let it not effect YOU.

— As homework, we were given a set of instructions. There are a lot of 'C' words. All of them are as follows: No comments // No criticism (including sarcasm) // No control (of others) // No comparison // No competition // No correction (of others) // No complaints. However DO congratulate // celebrate // keep calm.


There's something about this course that I don't want to ever end. My life in 2013 has generally been much more positive, and I know this is a process of which I will gain peace within again. To write all of this stuff out above makes me pleased (CELEBRATE). It's bringing a sense of quiet joy within, enough to evoke happy tears, because I feel like I'm achieving again.



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