Today in my sordid late night lonely cam chats was Miguel. Brazilian Miguel. My how I love me my Brazilian men. At first, what sat staring back at me was his dancing pecks. Typically, any pecs of such calibre would not normally stop and chat to me; it’s not that I’m not good looking, I have a certain look, a unique look, which I celebrate (mostly, tried lying at first but who celebrates themselves all the time?). But he stopped to chat. There’s something about my curiosity for the South American land so huge that could be deemed as a bit of an obsession. I’ve travelled around the world, both ends, and that beautiful mass of contradictions is number one hot spot on my list, the guys that inhabit the place are one of the foremost reasons. The quality within their interaction, the friendliness and the openness to foreigners attracts me somewhat. And of course the partying ethos of which the nation portrays through the glittering celebration that is the carnival.

After confessing how horny he was, as most guys on those sites do, we continued on an all night cam chat session. He turned out to be kind and chatty and a doctor, stethoscope in hand as proof. His body was toned and lean, and there was no way for me to recognise his 5 foot 7 height until he told me. His face looked healthy and he had considerate, big brown eyes. By the end of it, we’d built quite a nice connection, though he seemed more attracted to me. I probably lied a couple of times in the moment, confessing his perfection, which I’d never do really, but it made him happy. He showed me around his flat, even stopping to pee with me there as a voyeuristic bystander.

Quite the dream and when I do go to Brazil I’m sure he’d more than accommodating.


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