Ask an ye shall get

Praying can work, can’t it? I don’t refer to the religious type of praying, but the dispersion of goodwill thoughts and energy in to the universe. You ask, and ye shall get. I write this with a smile on my face and I hope not to defer the goodness of which I believe these ‘prayers’ to have achieved by relaying the fact the universe has worked in tow with my heart.

My brother returned home today with a job offer in the UAE.

When you really believe the things you ask for and they are achievable anecdotes, they materialise to reality and there’s no greater feeling than right now and the positive attribution of such desires falling upon the lap of my brother.

Pride is beaming, hope sustains and positive mental attitude perseveres. Things aren’t at their best right now, but failing to recognise such ailments of life almost make them non-existent. It’s not ignorance, it’s control of thought.

How very empowering.


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