“Happiness is a state of mind”

I watched this movie called Small Apartments. It stars British comedian Matt Lucas as a loner who is trying to overcome his brother’s institutionalisation in a mental hospital. It steers through various plot lines, of murder, of a shooting, of random neighbours. It’s very surreal, sometimes funny, sometimes deep, rather art house, sparse yet filled with depth. This is a quote at the end of the movie from Lucas’s character (Franklin) brother Bernard. It struck a chord with me, how I don’t feel I’m really living my life to the max and only I can change that. I have the power. However, I’m surrounded by love and ultimately that is what keeps me steady. Anyway, it’s below.


“Franklin, what are we so scared of? You only get one shot at this life. There are no do-overs. Time wasted is time lost. The past is ghost, the future a dream, there is only right now. We need to forgive each other Franklin, forgive and keep moving forward because we’re all so ridiculously imperfect. And we need to find a place we call home, a place where we know were loved and we feel safe. I see it all so clearly now, it doesn’t matter if you live in a small apartment of a big mansion on a hill, it doesn’t matter if you live in a mental institution or on some sunny beach in St Croy. It’s all in your mind, every moment of your life is what you make it. Pain, love, fear, happiness, you choose to feel each of them so choose to be happy Franklin.

Choose to be happy, because happiness is a state of mind.”


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