Search for a whole lifetime

Blinkered lights, dots flashing before my eyelids, and I pray. I pray that I’ve done the right thing. If a person does right by their family, then surely they’ve done right by the universe. The universe and it’s ever-expanding solitude offers no answers. We’re born in to a system of rules and a society of religion. What is truth? When do we ever find out? And if the answer is null then do we aim to just maintain a sense of temporary happiness, moments of bliss, conjoined essence of dazed euphoria?

There lies below a soft bed of pretty and bright flowers waiting to synthesise my being in to oneness. I want for my soul to be free but not before I experience love in this world.

Music be the music of frequencies we don’t have the ability to witness. Infra red and x-rays and paradigms of light we just don’t have the intelligence or power to see. We can’t see past the colour of our curtains, as we stare beyond the glass in to a world that posseses only abject solidity.

Our minds are shrunk, they are frightened to do anything other than what is expected and the ones who swam in the unexpected are only lauded once their souls are free. At the time, they’re ludicrous.

Does this searching continue past our bodily existence? Do we ever find what we’re looking for?

Mother nature, take me and cradle me in your glow of expanse. Release the demons that forlorn me to this misery. Misery created by boxes, within boxes, within labels.

Hello, society.


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