Love will save the day

I used to rave to this track. A smile blights itself upon my face at thought at just how connected some things are. Music for me connects my memories but over time some music becomes lost in the myriad of the new and the loss of hard drives and iPods. Typical digitalisation of life… and therefore loss. For me, finding or linking music is so … satisfying. It gratifies me because it either reminds of memories gone by, that I wouldn’t otherwise remember, or it feeds my musical ego and the knowledge of which sometimes I forget I hold. So this time, as I review music, it’s this track from Sepalcure, a really cool duo from New York who produce electronic music with a difference, with some soul and emotion. The type of stuff that depicts a novel of thoughts in the mind, because music is my story book. The track ‘Make You’ samples some lyrics so after typing them in to Google I found they’re from a Whitney Houston track. The lyrics from that song reminded me of partying back when I lived in another city, a large city in The Midlands, and I’d party away my youth, much like I’m doing now I guess. And it led me to this track, which just makes me smile. It’s the case of it being special to the self as apposed to it holding any depth or character of track.

Below is the Sepalcure track. It’s ace.


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