Connected by the feet

I love a good rave.

For some people, going out at the weekend to your local clubbing institution is but a chance to declare their masculinity through shotting whatever the fuck is going for a British pound, or for some it’s a chance to strut the new heels while eyeing up guys and dancing provocatively, with some hope that somebody will take notice and stroke that ego like it’s a purring feline.

For thousands of others, clubbing is a way of life. Yeah, it sounds pretty cheesy, but there’s no other way about it. The whole episode of going out is a pleasant ordeal, one that takes planning and organising. First, which dj are we going to see? Then, what drugs is everybody taking, and am I getting the order in? Also, where is the pre and post party at? It’s a night of adventure, of succumbing to musical needs and probably most importantly, it’s a release from the menial and typically hard working week that people endure to pay their bills and subsequently piss the rest up on said raves and occasional holidays.

See, it’s a lifestyle. It’s more than going out to pull and showcase the penis in a glorified effort of primitiveness. Sure, that may happen, but it isn’t the reason for going out. Music, you see, is the glue that holds any set of raving friends together.

“What a fucking tune, mate!” is but one repeated exclamation, week in, week out. As the drugs take hold, the body somehow manages to become one with the music; the impulses, the waves of sound permeate the skin and returns us to the connection we all had before the star burst in to a big fucking mess that we have become today. It’s in these moments where we’re reminded that everything is connected.

Drugs. Narcs. As much as I oppose promotion of such cell destroying bundles of joy, they create a little honeymoon for a night. Everything seems clear, everybody is joined, empathy is easily and quite naturally achieved and EVERYBODY is your friend.

I’ve pretty much raved my way through my teens right the way up to the present day. I’m taking note of the exceptionally amazing times I’ve had with my friends, whatever social circle I’ve been in at the time, it’s been one of adventure, exploration and a shit load of dancing. Nothing is more free than being with people that love you and dancing in unison. In that moment, in that spectre of light, in that flash of genius, everything is absolutely fucking brilliant.

“I have to celebrate you baby, I have to praise you like I should.”


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