Sometimes, reading through the blogs I’ve chosen to follow realigns my thoughts to positivity. I’m naturally positive, but even in the lowest of thoughts there’s always something to inspire you out of that ‘phase’. I see progression, I see little steps happening, I feel myself changing, I love this year. Today, I went for an interview at a college for an intense four week TEFL course – which is a course that loads you with the ability to teach English to foreign students. I’m currently doing an online course, but it isn’t accredited by the British Council so the jobs following it are limited. This new course was actually a competition entry of mine, so that the tuition fees are paid for, which at the moment, is the only way I can afford to do it. I’m utterly grateful that this opportunity landed in my path and it seems that since I’ve focused this year on what I want, the pages of my book unravel toward a goal I can see. As much as I love this country, I’m ready to take on the world. This course, if I do so happen to have passed the interview today, is a gateway to the world. I’ve been asking for this since I’ve changed my perspective and health in January, and it seems, fingers crossed, that I’m creating my future again. It’s been a while since I’ve had control of my ambitions and I don’t know.. it just feels good inside. I’ll await the email this afternoon, and if all’s well, the course will commence on June 24th. 


Prior to these couple of weeks, I attended a cousin’s baby shower. It was my first. The thing I take note of is the absolutely natural beauty that is a pregnant woman. Sure, the bending down to pick things up may be a little ungraceful (I did laugh a couple times to myself), but it’s just so beautiful. I felt like an onlooker to the perfect family; it swirled desire within my guy, temporary as it may be, it was the first ever time I can recall that I’ve imagined having a baby. And on that note, I’ll stop! AH!


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