Here are a list of things that make today my favourite day to list things that are great today;

1) My phone autocorrect attempted to change the word ‘great’ to ‘breast’. This means the above sentence would end: “…that are breast today.”

2) It’s Friday.

3) One of the hottest days of the year thus far. See above pic.

4) In reference to above, I’m tanned. This makes potential flirtees more likely to enlist me as their very own flirtee.

5) I’m 100 percenting my online teaching course.

6) My dog yawned and howled ‘hello’. Honest.

7) I won a competition to have my tuition fees paid on an advanced TEFL course. I’ve been awaiting the result since my interview on Tuesday. I doubted myself, which is the result of many a job rejection and flailing confidence. This course is my window of opportunity to earn good money and see the world along the way. I’m very much in a bubble of sweaty joy.

8) Above means cause for celebration. Hello weekend!


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