“What happened?”

Sometimes my nearest and dearest friend makes me laugh so hard that I cry from every orifice. She is a burst of life, my inspirational mantra, she is life. 

On this occasion, we were mid one of our regular two hour chat slots. She is very random and I love her for it. We were talking about putting batteries on the tongue, of which I have no idea how we arrived there, but we did, and it’s pretty normal for us two. It led to this..

“I wanted to try turning a light switch on with wet fingers,” she casually stated. 

“Why?” I asked, quite obviously. 

“I don’t know. It was just an urge. You know just one of those things you want to try?”

“No!” Perplexed, bemused and on the verge of laughter I asked: “So what happened?”

“I got shocked.”

Cue a good minute long gut laughter complete with tears. 

Once the laughter subsided, she continued: “You know those landline telephone wires that you plug in to the wall?”


“I wanted to try putting that on my tongue.”

“What the fuck?” This time, I genuinely wanted to know what happened. “What happened?”

“I got shocked.” 


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