A raver perhaps, you’d be.
A swift sniff
of your neck
as time slows
to a hazy
single second moment
of lustful atmosphere.
Lasers jitter
a robotic green,
they scan our bodies,
a room full of
messy concoctions.
Hands raised
in a school boy manner,
bouncing silhouettes.
These are the times
of our lives,
a brief passing
of unguarded bliss.
An arm wraps itself
around her neck,
an acceptance
of closeness,
a common bond
of release.
Sweat drips from bodies
to the floor,
from the ceiling,
into drinks,
it’s all oneness.
Feet bend to jump,
tiptoe to see,
legs raise
in simultaneous joy,
the thud of jumps
unheard of
beneath the
sandwich filler
of subliminal noise.
Sounds elongate
as the moment,
this one moment
of freedom
is allowed upon us
by the frequency of one.
It’s a room filled
with love,
it presses itself
against you
like a lover,
a romance novel
We just are
and together as one
for a single moment
what it’s like
to be in


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