Er.. say what?

That title refers to the absolute whirlwind of a course this EDI teacher training course is. Where the fuck am I? And what the fuck happened today?

The city centre classroom was abuzz with confusion, at times anger and other such high emotion. Any passer by at some point would have heard, “’s a fucking joke,” or “…I feel really nervous,” or the less linguistically styled sobs of a near hysterical trainee. Who’d have thought this would be the class of a soon to be fully qualified teachers.

I will not dwell, but I will allude to the positive.

Travelling to the city centre has been wonderful. I feel like I’m a part of life again, even if by communicating with strangers through a glance, or sitting with fellow trainees and random people on the gorgeously sunny Piccadilly Gardens, or just fucking leaving the house. It’s been lovely and restores confidence and makes me want to communicate and interact, which in the past was a skill that helped me obtain little victorious smiles throughout my day/s.

Other than that, just making new friends has been nice. To just get to know new personalities is a breath of fresh air and I guess I didn’t realise how much I’ve missed meeting people until this experience.

And yes, learning is a joy. Once I finish this course, if I make it out alive, I’ll continue learning, baby steps, increasing knowledge which increases my confidence and self-worth.

Anyway, I gots no time. Until next time!


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