From Belgium.

The next in the line of mini crushes. His eyes are a striking blue; they pierced my through and through. As usual, I hold back, I put up a barrier and ask loads of questions so as to divert attention away from me. It works. Mostly all of the time. Chris sings. He wants to make that his career, he wants to succeed. He told me of a gig he had last Friday, the biggest he’s done, to 4,000 people. He joked. He smiled. His face is strong, a flat nose indented somewhat at the bridge. His expressions were full of humour before the inevitability of sleep made us succumb. He recently split from his girlfriend and hasn’t actually delved in to any sort of relations with a guy. He told me he’s attracted to ‘humans’ rather than a gender. Something I relate to.

I felt a twinge of yearning. Before I too eased my lust and rested my face.


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