Resonating with me for all eternity is this track from Ce Ce Rogers with ‘Someday’. Taken from the big birth of Chicago house music, this particular one is from 1987. The lyrics are reflective of the love-soul movement that was revolutionising the way people danced the night away, back when this type of music was overtaking clubland the world over. Nothing of this sort is being represented these days, there is some stuff, but you have to dig deep and I guess that’s the beauty in what’s around now. The track fed through my earphones as I was on the bus back home from teaching tonight; there’s something about the moving world around you while you are in fact stationary that brings about a thought-inducing state of mind. Thoughts about nothing much really, just the mind wandering into wonderment with no particular direction – a sort of microcosm of people and life in general.

I don’t believe everything I see, or read, or hear. There’s more to life than this. Paper chasing because that’s how we’ve been moulded… something ain’t right. I was listening to some random radio show on YouTube the other day, of two intelligent guys having a conversation about the history of humans, and how everything is not what it seems. How science, however accurate, doesn’t know everything, and how religious stories are based upon the worship of the sun. I am not here to be derogatory toward anybody who is religious because I have envy for people who ensure a sort of pure mind, the one’s who use religion to their spiritual development. Anyway, these two guys talked about how civilization could have existed before us. Or, rather, as they said, most definitely did exist before our race. Before dinosaurs and evolution etc. And that they were probably much more intelligent than we are. Our world is being destroyed by us, our race is being destroyed by us, and somebody is watching and allowing such shit to happen. It’s strange sometimes, feeling as though I’m just watching destruction without actually having any say on it. Don’t we have a say in it?

These are the thoughts that appeared on the bus today. And all from the track below.


We’ll live as one family
In perfect harmony
When we all pull together
We’ll all be free



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