To the distance, in the now.

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Time passes by so freely. If only the general population of the world could take a leaf out of Time’s book and lazily stroll on by, cane stick slightly speeding up each step, whilst a smile accompanies such nonchalant subservience.

A new year is upon us. Another number to add to all the other numbers we live our lives by; and still another restless night for yours truly. It seems old habits died hard over the festive season and consumption was at an all time high. I can’t even reprimand my actions, because why should I? Arguments with my conscience continue as the spiritual being in me persuades one to view the good things.

Laughter. Togetherness. Family & friends. Dedicated friends. Home-cum-nightclub-cum-b&b. Six family members in one room on one overrated day. I’m not sure what it is about Christmas that makes people and families try that little bit more, but this year I am not complaining. It was harmonious. Sure, the amount of alcohol and cocaine that was consumed goes against the prosperous message that lies behind the red banner of Coca-cola, but I can’t say anything but it was damn fucking brilliant.

Friends amassed themselves, the brother who works in Qatar (but who has since been “fired” in a friendly, amicable way) was here and his host of friends who adore him showed him how much they adored him by staying over. My best friend came from Nottingham – after I travelled by train to go pick her up, which is backwards to say since she was the one driving back to my city. I went to ease her mind on her first motorway drive, but in doing so wrongly led her through the dreaded snake pass, situated among the tops of hills in the all-encompassing landscape of the Peaks.

We pushed our limits to the max, our bodily limits, our social limits, our musical limits, but we did so together, thus we were able to keep the faint smell of regret at arms length the whole time. About 60 hours of non-stop partying, consumption, music, smoking, laughter, closeness, warmth, ridiculous conversation, huddles on my bed, writing on the wall. We did not sleep. We dragged it on. We chased the silver lining together, even as numbers dwindled, from the 50’s to the 10’s, we did it together.

Mass hugs at midnight. All of my favourite people were contacted or hugged or talked to or huddled around a mirror with or danced with or raved with or smiled at or everything I could want.

I’m a lucky man. The people in my life make me realise that I’m a lucky man.

Now for the year ahead. I have to make my plans work. I was waiting for January, like the new year has some mystical power that makes me more determined, but for some reason, it does.

With such strength and solid ground, I should have the confidence, the self-esteem and the balls to achieve my attempts at seeing the world.

It begins now.


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