Life’s too short.

“Life’s too short”


The notion of time and our lack of it has been thrust upon me at various times with various intervals, whether through a tenuous link to a quote whilst browsing the big old Internet or seeing friends and some family moving forwards and doing things that show a progression of life.


I felt so invincible prior to the age of 25. As if time was on my side, as if all the dreams that I’ve manifested into mere thoughts could well be accomplished at any time.


I ignored all those warnings from my mum who’d tell me that “NOW is the time.” There’s no such realisation than your own, that yes, life really is running away.


I’m hearing noise of weddings and babies and plans and hiring out a boat on the Thames and hiring a barn in Dorset and “I want a baby” and “I’ve just got the biggest contract at work” and “Yeah I think I’m in love”. My friends are turning 30 over the course an 20 month period. It’s a big year for the people around me and time has dictated that.


“Thanks for coming to my 30th birthday party.” At which point, her boyfriend got down on one knee. As she cried tears of happy she announced: “Oh. There’s another surprise. We’re getting married tonight, we’ll see you upstairs in 45 minutes.”


6 years ago, this same girl was the object of my affection and on the receiving end of my immaturity. If it was a few years later, it may not have been him who she was marrying. That was and is time’s plan. Lessons have been learnt and I couldn’t be happier for somebody who deserves to be loved, to have a family and submit to time’s progression.


In the year that builds up to my 30th, I am trying to follow a path of change. Time always had this plan for me but I have to instigate it.


Because life’s too short.


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