Can you remember that night?

Can you remember that day?
As I remember, I shut out the light
and pictures emerge like a photo montage,
a vivid sepia toned melody of memories.
The sun glares its spikes, a smile it beams,
and beats like the heart of ours.
Wind blows our hair, it sweeps our face clean of the salt
in waves that mirror the breaths of the sea.
Our bodies unite through the tenderness of our lips,
and we smile as we share ourselves.
Sat around a camp fire, a forest,
an all encompassing forest of our love
shoots from beneath the ground around us,
it surrounds us and off the branches
green leaves spout into heart shapes.
Blankets bring us closer, impossible to think
against the bond of which we’ve cradled –
I wish I could go to where we could be.
Your presence is missing and I search far and wide,
beneath the moonlight,
the chill bites and I wander around
calling out a name I don’t know,
a stranger has again become the night.
I wrap the blanket around my head
so that only my face is showing
as the rest drapes down over my shoulders and neck,
I face the sea and shout a long note,
an elaborate release of empty noise.


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