Monthly Archives: June 2014

Music is the answer to anything and everything. My friend facebooked me this sentence the other day and it struck a chord then as much as it has done today.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling that music evokes at the most unexpected moments in life and I’ve probably repeated this notion over and over again because in all honesty music is the love of my life. I have been in love and it felt like something I can’t describe and I keep it dear and close to me and I’m grateful of having been able to experience that, yet at the same time that kind of love, unless managed correctly, comes with a host of inevitable pain.

Music is similar. It can bring pain or accompany you through pain. It listens, it advises, it picks you up, it gives you a momentary uplifting blast. Today, that happened and in the comfort of my bus journey, which happens quite often and what’s most peculiar about this situation is that I’m surrounded by people. That situation of being surrounded but being solitary is more common than we realise. It’s constant, if you’re a person who leaves the house.

I have become bored with certain radio stations and I haven’t updated my playlist for years so I took a chance on BBC Radio 2. It’s hit and miss for a person with my music tastes but then this track came on. It lifted me instantly to a smile. I got goosebumps and as per usual in a recurring situation like this, I look around the bus at the people who sit alongside me who are oblivious to what I’m feeling and I think: “Oh my days guys, this tune is massive. Why aren’t you dancing? What’s wrong with you all? DANCE!”

Of recent I’ve been assaulted by signs from the universe. Well, I call them signs, I could just be looking too deep in to nothing or reading exactly what I want from these “signs” to reflect my desires. These desires of wanting to travel and see the world, to seek and sup new experiences, to taste the beach air and let my skin be kissed by the burn of the sun, of smiles, of sunshine, of sunglasses, of dancing, of new people.

I’ve heard from numerous teachers this week that they’ll leave for exciting new adventures in other countries, one will leave in September to New Zealand for a year, one to Japan for a year and the other doesn’t know but he’s leaving anyway, prior to his eloping to South East Asia next year. Hearing stories like those has reminded me of the reason why I went through the agonising change of career to be a teacher of English in the first place. So these experiences are part one of my over analysis.

The next experience is of chatting to international students at the college I work for. They are really very friendly and also very accommodating, which I need really to take full advantage of. Speaking to a Brazilian girl, she advised me a lot about Brazil and when to go. She said she’ll send me some details in an email. It’s as if the universe is helping me out: “Here, listen, I’ll give you friends all over the world and you can return the favour by using their hospitality. Save yourself a bit of money and get shown around by the locals.” Thanks, Universe.

Thirdly, the music. Today, I heard this track. And although the lyrics don’t absolutely reflect exactly what I’m going through, they still struck a chord. As I said, probably because I’m fitting them in to my situation.

For the answers you seek will never be found at home
The love that you need will never be found at home

But you’d never cry to them, just to your soul
No, you’d never cry to them, just to your soul

Run away, turn away, run away, turn away, run away
Run away, turn away, run away, turn away, run away.

Deep. And I’ve found many of my answers at home, but it’s time. It’s time. I’m on a path. I can see it unfold and to be honest the path may not lead to the destination that I think it will because that’s life and it’s unpredictable but today I have that feeling of being at one with whatever the universe has planned. This week has brought about that feeling in me and I love it when it happens and I love it more when I am awake to it.

And then Will Young’s ‘Changes’ came on. With this line;

Gotta shake myself
Up here
I should run away
Run away, run away

That’s the only bit I allowed myself to hear because I don’t much like it but again I’ve cherry-picked exactly what I wanted to hear and made it fit.

So with all that in mind, I’m excited at the possibilities of life.