Monthly Archives: October 2014

I’ve got that feeling all up in me. One that has been inspired by a wholly unbelievable experience at a gathering of like-minded souls at the Southport Weekender. It happened last weekend and I, as well as my friends who accompanied, cannot get over it. I almost feel as though I can’t put into words what I feel but it’s a feeling of awareness, of self-awareness, of waking up to the plans of which I envisioned at the beginning of this self-proposed change. One of growing up and of focus and of achieving all that I want to while I’m still young and free and able.

The festival. I completely underestimated the effect it would have on me and the absolute grandness of what it would turn out to be. It was like a utopia, a congress of souls that all for a short period of time converged to unify as one. The music was like nothing I had ever heard at a festival before and the spirit of the place was alive and buzzing, depicted through every smile and every random burst of unified dance move. The funny thing about this is that even though I make bold statements about how amazing it was and how beautiful the atmosphere was, one thing I can’t escape from is the fact that it was held in Pontins. Yes, Pontins. This drab, grey, institutional British family getaway destination was the host of the complete opposite of what it stands for. That aside, the music was incredible and I’ve never been to an event that hosted music that I’ve always been interested in, soulful house, jazzy beats, afro house, Latin beats, strong percussion, divaesque vocal house and good old plain soul.


Perhaps it’s cuz it’s so late, it’s 4:50am, even after the clocks having been turned back an hour. I’m sitting in my big blue comfy office feeling a sense of yearning after listening to some music through my phone. This music pinged at me through a Facebook status, friends of friends within a group message sharing tracks of a festival gone by. And then I did that thing where an artist reminds me of a song by said artist and the inevitable click culture on YouTube begins. As I get this yearning, this feeling in the pit of my stomach, a sort of swirling of emotion centred around what could potentially be a chakra or just the plain ole gut, I look around my bedroom seeking somebody to share this feeling with. I then wondered whether I’d ever share such a feeling with someone or, as I’m considering as I type, whether it’s a feeling made just for me. Even if it were, I’m not keeping it to myself because of this urgency of wanting to share. Thoughts drifted forwards to a more day dreaming sense of future. I don’t even know if what I’m typing is making sense, but nonetheless, music, my vice, my love, has done this to me again. The after effects of a huge festival are definitely still all up in me.