Don’t change for me for I am am the black gold of the sun but I gotta get up

Perhaps it’s cuz it’s so late, it’s 4:50am, even after the clocks having been turned back an hour. I’m sitting in my big blue comfy office feeling a sense of yearning after listening to some music through my phone. This music pinged at me through a Facebook status, friends of friends within a group message sharing tracks of a festival gone by. And then I did that thing where an artist reminds me of a song by said artist and the inevitable click culture on YouTube begins. As I get this yearning, this feeling in the pit of my stomach, a sort of swirling of emotion centred around what could potentially be a chakra or just the plain ole gut, I look around my bedroom seeking somebody to share this feeling with. I then wondered whether I’d ever share such a feeling with someone or, as I’m considering as I type, whether it’s a feeling made just for me. Even if it were, I’m not keeping it to myself because of this urgency of wanting to share. Thoughts drifted forwards to a more day dreaming sense of future. I don’t even know if what I’m typing is making sense, but nonetheless, music, my vice, my love, has done this to me again. The after effects of a huge festival are definitely still all up in me.


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