Click. Ignore.

You’re cutting me out. I can feel it.
I can feel the strings that hang limply
being severed by the change
in the way you address me.

I can hear my inner self
screaming out mundanity
such as the simplicity of
“How do you do?” or
“Fancy a coffee?”
Your answers are now obvious.

My friend, my lover, my companion, my soul partner
– all of those things I am no longer to you.
How do I let go of those visions?
How do I let go of everything except the here and now?

My gut churns and wrenches;
the tears have deserted my eyes,
I’m shrivelling into a ball of longing
as you seek to distance yourself from me
and continue as if I wasn’t there.

I’m invisible.

It’s best for you not to see me like this.
Your ignorance is bliss
while mine is everything that now exists around me
that one day I’ll regret that I missed.

  1. Jackie said:

    Oh, your pain us just the beginning…

    • Well, it’s just an intense part of my healing. It’s been 4 months since the break up. Sometimes I feel great but then sometimes I feel very low like this.

      • Jackie said:

        Focus on the great! It’s hard. But doable.

  2. ohthecrownshewears said:

    I like it but it’s sad!

    • Thank you. Life is sad sometimes, but not always 🙂

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