I watched The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty today. *Spoiler Alert* The concept of the film is good; a man who fails in his attempts to do or say the things he wants to in the most crucial of moments and instead travels through an invented identity within his own imagination, where all of the things he doesn’t achieve in reality are lived out in this adventure world. It becomes a bit confusing, though not at all hard to follow, as he ends up in Iceland chasing the dude who took a photo and may know where the whereabouts of the misplaced negative of this photo, which is like gold dust because it’s the negative for the front page of the last ever edition of the magazine that Mitty works for. Even though he eventually gets fired by the power-hungry young twat in charge for losing the negative in the first place. Meanwhile, he fancies this girl from work, obviously, and they share a quirky sort of build-up to the final scene in which they see the front cover as printed on a news stand in the street and notice that the photo is in fact of Walter Mitty, sitting outside the building inspecting front cover negatives.

It’s actually pretty lame but it made me feel good.

One thing that struck me was the soundtrack. It does suit the mood of the movie, the chase, and the subtle hints of comedy genius, and if anything I’m glad I watched this movie if only for the soundtrack.

Look into the sun as a new days rise…