Word Play

You’re cutting me out. I can feel it.
I can feel the strings that hang limply
being severed by the change
in the way you address me.

I can hear my inner self
screaming out mundanity
such as the simplicity of
“How do you do?” or
“Fancy a coffee?”
Your answers are now obvious.

My friend, my lover, my companion, my soul partner
– all of those things I am no longer to you.
How do I let go of those visions?
How do I let go of everything except the here and now?

My gut churns and wrenches;
the tears have deserted my eyes,
I’m shrivelling into a ball of longing
as you seek to distance yourself from me
and continue as if I wasn’t there.

I’m invisible.

It’s best for you not to see me like this.
Your ignorance is bliss
while mine is everything that now exists around me
that one day I’ll regret that I missed.


“Do you see it?”


“The bright light. It’s where your dreams manifest in to reality.”

It feels like.. bouncing on clouds. It feels like being a cloud. The metaphorical cloud, rid of its thunder. No more rain. There’s beauty behind it all. We’re steeped in confusion, but it’s all so simple. It’s like the blossoming of a flower in a time lapse video; the merger of nature and interference. It’s like an ant colony carrying their grains, each with their own mission to survive another day.

“Isn’t it beautiful?”




That’s just how simple it can be.

That’s just how simple it is.

“Don’t let it pass you by. Don’t let fear consume the beauty.”

Stop this light from shining, it’s blinding and entwining
my soul with confused twigs and leaves
as the breeze it tries to fall them.

Let this be true, a sonic wave of feeling emits the gut
it turns my mind into lusty smut;
to think this could be nothing.

It’s probably best that you just go, this isn’t me,
this isn’t how it works for me, so,
let me be, I’ll roam alone.

Secretly I need you to love me, so many years,
can’t you see? If not for desperation,
then for a hand that touches me
with a sense of adoration.